What’s this “gluten free” craze? Should I avoid gluten too?

Question by : What’s this “gluten free” craze? Should I avoid gluten too?
Some workers at work avoid gluten, which made me start noticing “gluten free” on food products?

Should I be avoiding gluten?

I jumped on…then off the flax seed fad. ( found out it wasn’t so healthy after all)
And now am on the chia train.

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Answer by A Crawling Chaos
A gluten-free diet is the only medically accepted treatment for celiac disease, the related condition dermatitis herpetiformis, and wheat allergy. There is also some research into gluten-free diets and the treatment of autism.

Many people jump into diet crazes just because of what they see on a label.

Flax and chia, while both healthy, are no more so than other sources of Omega 3 and fiber. Flax is not unhealthy. There where problems with a strain in Canada that was genetically modified, and this was blown out of proportion by the media.

If we avoided foods that have gotten bad press (tomatos, eggs, beef, milk, soy, tofu etc etc etc) there would be nothing left to eat.

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  1. J A says:

    Not unless you have celiac or some degree of gluten intolerance. I stopped eating gluten because although io don’t have celiac, I used to have stomach aches anywhere from dull mild pain to medium pain everytime I ate, as well as fatigue, constipation, low blood iron etc. My cousin’s wife had just stopped it and suggested I tried it because I had similar symptoms to hers. 4 years later, finally decided to give it a serious shot for 2 straight weeks and have stopped eating gluten since (wheat, rye, barley, oats). Now I completely eliminated it from my diet and can tell right away if I had some by accident. Bottom line is this is not a trend, it is an inability to break down and digest gluten properly. Avoiding gluten will not work either, it has to be eliminated completely. If you do decide to follow this diet, keep in mind it isn’t easy to follow (at first) and the only reason I’ve been sticking to it for three years is because I feel a huge difference. And once you do learn what you can or cannot eat, you don’t actually have to buy only products that say “gluten free” as long as you check the ingredients, but gluten free pasta, bread, and soy sauce (regular has wheat) is what saves me!

  2. Cindy in Texas says:

    Wheat in this country is genetically modified, which raises many concerns.

    Many people are unknowingly allergic to gluten, creating many health problems.

    Denise Minger (who debunked Campbell’s China Study claims against meat) has posted: The China Study, Wheat, and Heart Disease; Oh My!

    Wheat consumption is strongly correlated with heart disease no matter what variables were thrown at it.

    Wheat is tied to increased BMI (Body Mass Index), even with apparently lower caloric consumption and possibly higher physical activity.

  3. Boss says:

    I noticed all sorts of “Gluten free” for the first time when I was visiting my friend who lived in a very wealthy city. I asked him why the hell were people so afraid of gluten, and he could not give me a straight answer. I realized, after a few minutes of thinking, that some rich people just need to feel better than others.

    Gluten simply is a protein composite that appears in wheat foods and it mainly is responsible for giving the food its shape and “chewy” texture. Most people don’t really need to have a Gluten free diet because the typical diet is not high in wheat. In most normal towns, high cholesterol or saturated fats are the food culprits and should be avoided at all costs, however, richer areas typically are not overweight, so they need another food group to avoid.

    You most likely are in a small town rich town if you even heard of Gluten, I have no idea who started the “Gluten Free” fad, but my guess one store had the money to remove an obscure food group from the menu, and the idea spread like a wildfire.

    Just ask anyone of your friends why gluten is so bad for them they avoid it. I am willing to bet that most of them will give you the same answer, which hopefully with show you that none of them think for themselves and will do exactly what their neighbor is doing.

    I hope this answered it for you.

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