Q&A: I am gluten intolerant and I keep having terrible stomach pains, please help!?

Question by : I am gluten intolerant and I keep having terrible stomach pains, please help!?
Hello all,
I am gluten intolerant. I have stayed strictly away from gluten for 3 months now. I had waffles the other day that DID have gluten in them and I just wasn’t being careful reading the box that was in the freezer. That was a solid three days ago. I am also mildly sensitive to dairy and extremely allergic to oyster shell/calcium. All of these have been confirmed through my primary care physician.

Now on to my current problem. I had a terrible stomach ache last night and I have the same stomach ache right now! I’ve done my research but most of the answers/forums I have looked at have been the result of poor eating, medications, etc.
I consume around 1100 cal/day. I am not on a diet by any means, its just the number of calories I see to be able to reach while being kind to my sensitive body. I eat plenty of protein per day, and make sure to eat foods that will provide fiber, vitamins, carbs, etc. I eat tons of vegetables and fruits. I could increase the water intake per day though…I consistently drink about 3 glasses and I know I need more than that.

The only consistency about these stomach aches is that the past two times they have occurred I ate gluten-free banana bread my mom made for me. The banana bread was more of an experiment, haha, but it had tapioca/quinua (for nutty flavor)/banana/GF “flour”/raw cain sugar/bananas/etc. Nothing should have been too extreme or should have EVER had gluten in it. Yes, it does sound weird, but it was tasty!

PLEASE HELP! I’m plagued with stomach aches recently and I NEED a solution for them. I don’t know what would be causing these. Quinua maybe?? I had a stomach ache like this about 2 days ago and I had home-made soup (GF) over quinoua.

I’ll really appreciate any help you can give me! Thank you!

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Answer by Kat Jutting
It seems to me like you really need to see a dietitian or doctor. The advice I would give would be to increase your calorific intake, as 2000 is the recommended number a day, and also regulate how much fibre you eat – too much can cause stomach aches. It could also be possible that you have I.B.S., or irritable bowel syndrome, which would need to be seen and treated by a doctor. There are many possible answers, and I think that only a doctor can give you the best advice.

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  1. Anama says:

    you are still probably feeling the glutening for now, once you are off and your body starts to heal, it goes crazy when you gluten yourself the next time…. the obvious aside, your gut pain could be from improper prep of the quiona.
    Did you wash the quiona before you cooked it? Quiona has to be washed before you use it due to saponin. Go here to learn how to properly prepare quiona:
    Also, if you are not being totally careful, since you obviously live in a mixed household, you could be getting cross contaminated from dishes, prep areas, sponges, etc. since it takes less than 360th of a crumb to kick off a celiac reaction, cc is a real problem that needs to be taken quite seriously in mixed homes (meaning the house is not 100% gluten free). Go here for cc information:
    and especially watch out for kitchen sponges, people making stuff with gluteny flours (it stays in the air for HOURS and coats EVERYTHING!, and cc in the dishwasher, etc. (stuck on food, non-cleaned gluteny dishes put in there, etc.)
    also check your lotions, hair care products (especially gels, conditioner), lipstick and meds!

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