What is a whole foods diet

Visit CleanCuisineandMore.com for more details on new upcoming book! The whole foods diet that my husband and I outline in our books (including our Gold Coast Cure and Whole Foods Diet Cookbook) is a balanced, nutrient-rich and anti-inflammatory diet based on natural and unrefined real foods including •Unrefined carbohydrates in their most natural and unprocessed form including antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, potatoes, corn, beans, whole grains (including whole grain and sprouted breads and pasta) •Healthful clean proteins low in saturated fat including fish, free-range organic eggs (especially omega-3 rich eggs), grass-fed and organic dairy, lean cuts of grass-fed meat, etc. •Anti-inflammatory fats including flaxseed oil, extra virgin olive oil, raw nuts and seeds, all-natural nut butters, etc. The only natural food that we tell people to limit their intake of is saturated fat (found in butter, beef, and full-fat dairy). All-natural foods containing saturated fat also contain nutrients, so we dont want people to eliminate these foods, but rather use them in moderation.