Nice Gluten Free Girl photos

A few nice Gluten Free Girl images I found:

Chile Shrimps, Sichuan String Beans, Aromatic Rice

Image by Krista76
I decided to cook lunch rather than dinner today. It turned out amazingly well. The shrimp are my own flung-together recipe: shelled medium shrimp marinated for about 15 minutes in chile-garlic sauce, sesame oil, and rice vinegar and then stir-fried. The string beans are from this Amateur Gourmet post (sans pork) and the rice is from this Gluten-Free Girl post, only made with regular white rice because I didn’t have jasmine.

Making the entire thing only took as long as the rice had to cook.

125 | 365

Image by Marisa | Food in Jars
Two books written by people I adore landed in my mailbox on the same day!

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