Nice Gluten Free Foods photos

A few nice Gluten Free Foods images I found:

Bob bokeh

Image by justmakeit
Before I broke out the tripod to do a self portrait, I took some photos of Bob. This one cracks me up because it appears that he is reading a section of the newspaper called "cars". In fact, I think that may be the one section of the newspaper he’s never looked at. The poor guy was having a bite to eat at home after spending the whole afternoon at an open house, surrounded by yummy food, all of which had gluten in it.

White paper flowers tied to the fence

Image by justmakeit
I was downtown again today, twice: new sights! new sounds! This was outside an elementary school in Lakeview, and wow, does it look like a fun place. Lots of art around the school yard, including a fence entirely covered in strips of colorful fabrics, arranged by hue. The "paper" flowers in this photo are made out of some waterproof paper and decorate the fence around the back playground.

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