Natural vs Synthetic Vitamins Part 1, Antioxidants

Are natural vitamins better than synthetic ones? Are at least 98.97% of vitamins sold synthetic USP isolates? Do most “antioxidant” vitamins sold have antiox…
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  1. Tracy Kreider says:

    great video and great resources and information- I work for Country Life
    Vitamins and we offer REAL FOOD ORGANICS.. it’s the ONLY VITAMIN THAT IS
    USDA certified (new boxes coming out by Earth Day 2014) (*currently box
    reads ORGANIC-The ONLY one that is ORGANIC and literally supplies you with
    SERVINGS OF FRUITS AND VEGETABLES.. the only “”isolated vitamins”” vitamins
    we have in the product is D,E, b12 and biotin.. Again, to reach USDA
    organic standards, we have to have 95% or above organic ingredients.. YES..
    YES.. FOOD ONLY is the way to go!! Learned a lot in this video

  2. Maleco Mont I says:

    Food durrived vitmains – have a significantly higher absorbtion rate than
    vitamis synthesied from chemicles compounts…

    Synthetic Vitamin C i(ascorbic acid) ncrease the risk of cancer?
    Oxidative stress – happens when intruders like “sythetic Vitamin C”
    contribute to magnetically “Robbing” the ionic charge of a bodily cell.
    Oxidative stress damaging the “structureal Integrity” of our cells.

    Natural Vitamin C (ascorbate) is found in Fruits and Vegatables even organ

    Vitamin C is Damaged by….
    Heat &

    cooking these foods will diminished the best possible Foundation within the
    Realm of cellular Structural Integrity…

    bell peppers,
    chili peppers,
    peppers in general
    leafy green vegetables,
    yams(80% DV for Vitamin C , 600+ DV per serving of Vitmain A),

    the Best way to eat these foods is by preparing them with Natural
    Fermentation( Lacto-Fermentation)!!!

    our ancestors used natural Lacto-Fermention to prepare and store food
    (short & long term) without a Fridge. ‘LactoBacillius’ is the pro-biotic
    (microbe) that allows this process to happen… it is on the surface of all
    vegetables Fruits, even on our skin and in the saliva.

    Foods like –
    olives (traditionally prepared without Lye)
    Traditional Coslaw
    Tradtional Salsa
    Traditional Yogurt, butter, whole milk & cheese
    Sour Dough Breads

    the linked video is 1 of 5 (totaling about 1 hour)

    Lacto-fermention improves (significantly boosts)
    1. Digestion
    2. B-Vitamin group
    {B-6 (Niacin) – used in orthomolecular Treatment of schizophreania}
    3. intestinal Floura (Pro-biotic)
    4. Saliva Floura
    5. Immune system
    6. Cancer and Disease Resistance! (2013 study with chemo patients)
    7. ECT>..

    Cross Refferecne Note relating to Endocrine Disruption

    Petrolelium durrived products – Important to people suffering Endocrine
    System alements.

    illnesess like…

    1. early “Precocious” puberty –
    (puberty completed before the body is Fully developed)

    2. testosterone & Oestrogen related
    (interwoven with our experienced emotions)

    3. All the Glandular systems
    (Peniel, pancrius, thyroid, pitutiary glands, ETC)

    4. Fat storage mecognism of the body.(aka Obesity, and other inballanced
    build ups in bodily tissues)

    Reference to much more on this topic –

    Dr Theo Colborn (many citation within my video and text posts)
    W.H.O & U.N. Environmental Accessment Report called- “The State of the
    Sciences and Endocrine Disruption 2013″……

    the 2013 study is a follow up from the 2002 envirnmental accessment. the
    2002 report was Requested back in 1992. building up to 1992, were
    42,000+ documents and thousands of Studies leading to the international
    recognition in 1992…. from the very start of the OIL Era scientist were
    questioning the safty of the petro-chemicals and petroleum based
    products…90%+ of products we buy today pose a potential risk…modern
    food production by itself has an estimated lifespan that is relitive to our
    ability to obtain oil, we are probably close to runing on about 1/4 of a
    full tank…

    1/4 tank? “Nah… we have tones to find”
    (the canadian Tar Sands – takes tons more energy to extract oil from sand!
    the tar sands are only viable after we have run out of easir ways to get
    oil… besides sustainable food production & living is totally a huge
    break from our modern, crazy, depressing, lifestyle!

    Oil Extraction from Tar Sands is in the process of Government approval,
    thanks to activits the approval was posponed till 2014… the Pipeline is
    called “KEYSTONE XL” 40,000+ Activits in the CREDO network are fighting
    to force an early transition to sustainablilty. the psychological insantiy
    of our near sightedness is hurting the possibility of the strongest
    foundtion ever acheived in the history of civilization. sounds like the
    foundation in common nutrition!


  3. Keisha Ruan says:

    very good presentation. ive been studying this same thing and you hit the
    head on the nail imo. im going to throw my vitamin away now crap.

  4. Cory Hartin says:

    One comment? Wow

  5. liinu01 says:

    Very informative, thank you.

  6. SpaceWalkTraveller says:

    Thanks for posting this video, this is really helpful information. Just
    started reading Dr. Brian Clements book “Supplements Exposed” and it’s
    about what you are talking about. Thanks again for the videos.

  7. organicsuperman says:

    Nutrilite products are shockingly bad and far from natural.

  8. Felix Salgado says:

    If anyone is interested in REAL natural vitamins and supplements please
    contact me at 8325321514. I would be more than happy to help or consult in
    any way. For free

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