My mom called me fat…I’m thinking of never eating again?

Question by : My mom called me fat…I’m thinking of never eating again?

So I come from a family of fat people. My parents are in good shape. So am I. I’m not skinny, but I’m not chubby either. I’m perfect. I’m 14, and I’m really muscular. I don’t play any sports, because music is my thing. I play guitar, piano, take voice, and am involved in musicals.

My mom decided I needed exercise right. So we signed up for the YMCA. The condition was I’d have to take 3 classes, and I’d have to work out on the machines 4 days a week. Here’s the problem: I can’t work out on the machines until I take a 10 week training class. That starts in 2 weeks. So my mom is forcing me to do a class every day.

We did Zumba today…we walked into Zumba. Now listen, I hate bad music. I refuse to listen to bad songs. Songs with swears, with the word “sexy,” cause I don’t wanna be saying those words. My mom agrees. Within 5 minutes of the Zumba class, a song comes on. Within 30 seconds, I hear 10 swears, the “sexy” like 20 times. So I leave, my mom follows.

She yells at me, saying “How are you gonna work out? Wanna run with me at the park?” “No, it’s raining. I’m gonna work out downstairs, stretching and doing pushups and stuff.” “That doesn’t do you any good young lady, cause you’re gonna come upstairs and pig out on oatmeal.” I’ve never done that before. “YOU NEED AROBICS,” she yells in my face. “YOU NEED CARDIO…not just stupid stretches.” Then she slams the door and goes out to do her 6 mile run.

I eat super duper healthy (I’m gluten free…haven’t had a piece of bread/cake/cookie since November). And once I complete the training, I can work out 4 days a week on the machines…then do pilates 3 days a week. But she says pilates doesn’t do anything and that I need arobics. I’m crying right now. HELP

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Answer by Fyre Fayre
Steches work. I’ve only been using crunches n I’m toner than usually.

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  1. Matthew says:

    No, don’t stop eating, the thing is… People who want to lose wringer want to lose it instantly, with time comes results, Running boosts metabolism so you eat more and burn more, also, don’t during died drinks, it slows your insulin response in turn making you fat.

  2. 黒崎 一護 ♥ says:

    From what your saying, you not fat. So don’t mind it when/if someone calls you ‘fat’, i’m called fat all the time by family members (they are just joking around) but it still hurts alittle, but i don’t let it get to me because i know i’m not ‘fat’. i’m not tooth pick skinny, but i’m not fat either. and that’s a good thing. it means your healthy. even if your not fat, humans still need to exorcise to stay healthy.
    don’t stop eating tho. ever. 🙂

    try to talk things over with you mom and see if she will listen to you.
    try going on runs or other simple things if that’s what you prefer.

    goodluck ^^

  3. Z says:

    ur mom is a bit(h, as long as ur happy with urself then dont care what people think or say.

  4. Jessica says:

    Honestly i dont know why you would leave class because of the song….its just a song and you should be focused on working out not the lyrics… but pilates can do a lot. Just go for a run instead of the classes? Idk. It sounds like a very unhealthy relationship with you and your mom. If my mom were ever to act like that to me, honestly i would move out(im 18). Everything isnt about body image. You sound like youre healthy so i dont know why she is obsessed with you working out. Thats bad parenting if you ask me.

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