Homemade Baby Food (4 different recipes)

4 different recipes that my son enjoys. I’m no expert, just wanted to show some of the things I make for him. Enjoy! 🙂
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  1. Brittany Ruyl says:

    baby food looks awful :p but when my bubs born and old enough to start solids i will deffinately be making my own thanks for some ideas 🙂

  2. justyahima says:

    I loved every single recipe!! Thank you for posting this video.

  3. jsrcamp says:

    Cant wait till this little one is born=) I am only 13weeks and 3d but am already planning on making my own baby food. I have 2 other children that I fed the jar baby food but this one I want to make my own=)
    Thank you for this video. and your little boy is so cute=)_

  4. karinabenavides says:

    Hi thank you for sharing your recipies I’m in the process of introducing solids for my daughter and many times i run out of ideas of what to prepare for her. Would you be able to also share how you stored the foods after, and what tipe of containers you used to store them. Thank you

  5. Meganshamblin says:

    You have just inspires me to get so creative with my baby food, I thought you could only do like plain fruits and veggies! I can wait now to go to the store and make some good dinners for her! Thank youuuu!!!!!

  6. angie022587 says:

    Love it! 🙂 just made some for my lil baby

  7. chibomato78 says:

    this is really great! I get WIC so I get alot of baby food but I also like to make my own too! I like the chicken tofu idea!

  8. KawiLover250 says:

    Do you use one of those long handheld food processors? I have a 1.5 cup mini food processor…would that work as well? Yours comes out very smooth so I want to use what works best

  9. BunnieBird says:

    k thank you !

  10. Emalia1000 says:

    Thank you!  I’m glad I could help! Congratulations!

  11. Emalia1000 says:

    – I started him at 5 months with banana… but only a few times. A few weeks later tried avacado… then by about 6-7 months he was eating my homemade stuff fairly often, along with Breast milk.

  12. Jazzylover08 says:

    this was awsome! so helpfull. im only 26 weeks pregnant but i already know that i want to make my babys food to save money and for nutrition. 🙂 this videa was very straight to the point. thanks!

  13. BunnieBird says:

    what age did you start feeding him solids and what did you star with?

  14. Emalia1000 says:

     – Awe…. thank ya dawlin 🙂 🙂

  15. TeenDuckiePops says:

    you liil boy was gawjus 🙂

  16. Hiba Adnan says:

    Amazing recipes. Thank you sooo much for uploading. What I especially loved about your video was that the dishes were extremely healthy, easy to make & it seemed like you were having fun making them & your son was having fun eating them. Hope you & your son are healthy & may God bless him:)

  17. MamaLuvsDJ says:

    my son has the same bib!

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