Why Grass Fed Beef (Grass-Fed) Is A Healthy Red Meat

Cows are fed a diet of grain, hormones and steroids to promote quick growth. Is the beef that you eat healthy? Bryan Marcel talks about the health benefits of grass fed beef while on the Baucom’s family farm. Conventional beef is fed a diet of grain, hormones and steroids to promote quick growth. Grass fed beef grazes on green healthy pasture. The result is that grass fed beef is a higher quality meat that tastes better. Grass fed beef is also much better for your health. Grass fed beef is higher in omega-3 and CLA and lower in unhealthy omega-6. Baucom’s Best grass fed beef also tastes great. Healthy animals equals quality healthy meat. Grass fed beef is healthy choice for hamburgers, steaks, brisket and stew meat. Organic and Natural beef is a better choice than regular beef, but grass fed beef is the absolute best. www.BryanMarcel.com
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Organic beef
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5 Responses to “Why Grass Fed Beef (Grass-Fed) Is A Healthy Red Meat”

  1. smithyman33 says:

    all cattle are grass fed in the begining….they only go to the feelots just before slaughter to fatten up

  2. Rantalicious says:

    My Dad has been throwing down on local cows now with his co-workers. Grass-fed, organic. I just ate one of the steaks and it was possibly the best steak I ever ate.

  3. MrNDUDE16 says:

    I eat bison

  4. FruitarianSwimster says:

    “A quarter pound of beef raises insulin levels in diabetics as much as a quarter pound of straight sugar” (Diabetes care 7 (1984):465)

  5. 1Way2Beat says:

    interesting, I am interested in contacting this ranch for further discussion on there meat.

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