Dining Out Gluten Free

Schar presents: How to dine out gluten free! www.schar.com/us/better-without/

Want more GFMTV? Subscribe for free here: http://forms.aweber.com/form/66/91093266.htm On today’s episode of GFMTV, Dean stops by The Addiction Bistro in Bev…

8 Responses to “Dining Out Gluten Free”

  1. caldispatcher says:

    My favorite experience was ordering at a Maggiano’s Italian Restaurant.
    They served steak so I asked about GF. The waitress knew what I was talking
    about and made notes. About 5 minutes later the chef came out and spoke to
    me about how they handle GF orders!! I was amazed! I had steak, steamed
    asparagus with lemon/olive oil and creme brulee for dessert!! (NOTE: they
    accidentally served me the asparagus steamed over the pasta water…the
    chef came out to make sure I got the right one! So kewl!

  2. krgrimm says:

    Great video and even better tips! I wish I could eat Schar, but I think I
    read in the ingredients that you use soy flour? I can’t have soy. So sad!
    But I still love this video!! I’d still be hestitant to eat a restaurant
    that doesn’t have a dedicated GF menu. Places like Bob Evans scares me and
    I refuse to eat there. But Applebees and Outback Steak House are really
    good about it.

  3. The Addiction Bistro says:

    Our friends at Gluten-Free TV came by a few months back!

  4. moneytalk$ says:

    Really enjoyed this episode, Addiction Bistro looks amazing!! I need me
    summa that G-FREE cornbread!

  5. Dean Bokhari says:

    Thank You brother! Their G Free corn bread is delicious!

  6. stephen seidel says:

    Great job, made we want to eat Gluten Free. Now I’m really hungry.

  7. Dean Bokhari says:

    haha! Thanks Stephen!

  8. lovemyselfforever86 says:

    I will go here next time I’m in L.A.

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