Under Cover Police – attacking a Whole Foods Store?

@Occupy Oakland: General Strike Protest? Black bloc provocateurs vandalise property during Occupy Oakland’s general strike Full credits: youtube.com www.rt.com www.occupyoakland.org Source: www.youtube.com
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9 Responses to “Under Cover Police – attacking a Whole Foods Store?”

  1. SkunkyAngry says:

    The protesters targeted Whole Foods because they were threatening to fire any of their employees who participated in the strike.

  2. Kuroneko388 says:

    I bet there were Undercover cops there.

  3. SciFi1701 says:

    My video shows the black bloc vandals behaved just like cops:

  4. SciFi1701 says:

    Sue the OPD for failure to protect the peace while 10,000 people gathered on Nov 2nd. Then we can legally demand to know where the cops were while black bloc vandals attacked Whole Foods.
    Who’s job is it to protect the peace? So where did the ~200 police suddenly disappear to? Obviously they changed tactics from excessive force to hiding out of sight to do something else. Do you really think police let ~10,000 protesters have a free-for-all? Having no police in sight enabled vandalism.

  5. Opinionator52 says:

    Sorry,,, I believe the guys breaking windows were cop plants everyone else was staying peaceful… Sooner or later I think it will be cops that have one of there own start some real trouble, and the puppet media will be all over the occupiers blaming them. I’m not saying somewhere along the line the occupiers won’t break bad after all how much can everyone take? I’ve been watching from day one and haven’t seen video produced of occupiers being violent… Cry for help? Please.


  6. glowboy0014 says:

    The people (black bloc) screwing with corporate property are not cops. Yes the state uses agents provocateurs sometimes. Yes they infiltrate (put under cover cops into) well, probably every protest with more than a dozen people or so. But from my understanding their most dangerous provocateurs are the one who use their words to sow the seeds of mistrust and divisions in groups and movements. They get one part to fight the other part and then well things fall apart.

  7. glowboy0014 says:

    You CAN NOT peacefully subdue them. Violence is living things using force against or hurting other living things.
    Someone smashing a window is vandalism, not violence.
    Someone using force to subdue another person is violence.
    If you want to be non-violent you have to be non-violent even if that mean letting some windows get broken by some people who are expressing such an obvious cry for help.

  8. gandhisvision says:

    I can say with 100% assurance that these actions WERE NOT carried out by the police. that is giving more power to the ‘state’ and thinking that ‘protesters’ are too cowardly to carry something like this off. This is not the case. I am sure that some of the same people who carried out this march also set up the occupy camp, prepare food for campers, etc etc etc.

  9. Mike Smullin says:

    Copwatch@Occupy Oakland: Beware of Police Infiltrators and Provocateurs
    youtube dot com/watch?v=VrvMzqopHH0

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