What Is Biodynamic Farming?

The OrganicNation.tv crew visits Frog Hill Farm in Port Townsend, Washington to talk with Sebastian Aguilar about biodynamic farming. An often misunderstood farming technique due to its roots in Rudolph Steiner’s esoteric spiritual philosophy, biodynamic agriculture treats farms as unified organisms and emphasizes the relationship of soil, plants and animals. For more information, visit: www.biodynamics.com Video produced by Dorothee Royal-Hedinger and Mark Andrew Boyer. Music by Uniform Motion and Robin Grey: www.robingrey.com For more videos visit www.OrganicNation.tv
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7 Responses to “What Is Biodynamic Farming?”

  1. saberur66 says:

    also how can we expect a nation to feed another nation on another continent? you cant, its much better to give the seeds to that nation that reproduces its seeds so that the nation can use the seeds it produced and use them in the next season.

  2. Jamie Thornberry says:

    how does it work

  3. samueljhardiman says:

    the problem of feeding the world is a complex one. how do you plan to feed the world when oil is less available and much more expensive and there is no diesel, fertilizers and agro chemicals? the issue is more to do with not wasting so much food to start with. 40% of the grain grown in the united states goes to feed livestock. biodynamic agriculture can feed the world and it would along the way improve our warn out farmland create more jobs and bring life back into the food we eat.
    farmer sam

  4. chrstilen5 says:

    Get some land and do it XD

  5. geekadog says:

    Nice concept and fine to follow but can not feed the people on the planet.

  6. GreenTreeNymph says:

    Great video! It’s a new word for an ancient way of farming. You are creating a mini ecosystem so it is beneficial to the planet and its creatures on that principal alone. Anyone in opposition doesn’t know what they are talking about…

  7. workwithnature says:

    You rock 🙂

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