12 Raw Foods You Should Never Eat according to the Experts

John from http://www.okraw.com/ and ten other pioneers at the Woodstock Fruit festival answer the question, “One raw food you avoid or eat?” Aft…

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45 Responses to “12 Raw Foods You Should Never Eat according to the Experts”

  1. Tosca Greenwood says:

    7:10 jungle penis

  2. Patrick says:

    So basically 12 opinions on foods from 12 different people about the foods
    they don’t like or had issues with, not because they should never be eaten.
    Granted I don’t see raw eating as a realistic lifestyle or diet so not
    eating something because it might not be raw is absurd to me.

  3. snakebitmgee says:

    I eat whatever I want. I look healthier than the majority of the people on
    this video.

  4. nusphere says:

    Slightly green bananas taste great to me

  5. Lemonz1989 says:

    Weird no one mentioned raw beans… Some varieties (like kidney and lima
    beans) are toxic without cooking for around 10 minutes.

  6. Retro Lobby Ink says:

    How come everyone always looks so old that only eats raw foods all the
    time? It’s very strange. I have friends that are older than me and I’m 41
    that don’t look this old. It makes me wonder what in the world their not
    getting in their diets. 

  7. Martin Pierce says:

    How can any alleged health food expert claim that garlic is bad? LoL I can
    eat a whole garlic head with no problem.

  8. david hudson says:

    Too many people get their panties in a bunch over this stuff. These
    people were asked if “you” had to not eat 1 raw food what would it be and
    they answered from a personal point of view, with a couple of exceptions. I
    do not think many of these people get enough protein in their diets they
    just do not look completely healthy. Maybe they are happy that way and if
    they are good for them, but it is not for me. Ever heard the phrase, “too
    much of a good thing”? Seriously, water is our single most important
    “nutrient” but you can drink so much water that you will have water
    toxicity or water poisoning to the point that it can kill you.
    I am replacing all breads, most dairy, white rice, sugar (fructose,
    high fructose, corn syrup ect), processed foods, fast/restaurant food,
    artificial anything with garden fresh leafy greens and vegetables that will
    complement my organically grass fed hormone free beef, hormone free chicken
    and eggs and my fresh seafood (which is abundant down here on the Gulf

  9. Hector Garcia-Martinez says:

    I want to know if eating sunflower seeds( spits! ) is bad for one?? I have
    a bad habit of bitting the inside of my mouth and I was thinking about
    eating spits(sunflower seeds)?

  10. minimal minimal says:

    Raw garlic is super extra healthy, and these people must say that they are
    not compatible with those foods, rather than blame them as unhealthy.Not
    everyone is compatible with a certain type of food or a certain diet.
    For me, a balanced died with low fat animal products in small quantity
    works best and i think it’s the best for me.
    If you think that raw diet works best for you and you feel satisfied then
    you should go for it.
    And though i eat meat i agree with the vegetarian-vegan opinion that says
    that having meat as a base in a diet is unhealthy.

  11. soodamncolddisabled says:

    This video should be called, Raw Foods I avoid. Garlic ? Really ? its one
    of the most medicinal foods. Every body isn’t going to respond the same
    way too all of these, obviously. While I agree with most of these.. some I
    think is just a personal issue

  12. Thou Art That says:

    Garlic raw is good for you.

  13. rosettegarbanz says:

    If cooking was good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for me.

  14. ravvraj says:

    I just don’t agree on Cashews. MEGAN HAS NEVER HAD RAW CASHEWS. SO who can
    she even talk about it. She is answering the question raw. The question is
    What RAW food u should avoid.
    The Cashews available are NOT raw
    It is illegal to sell raw cashews in west. I have eaten Raw cashews YES YOU
    GET THEM IN GOA and many parts of South India where it grows.
    And it digest very well. I have eaten a kilo. But if I eat more than 100
    grams of Unroasted cashew I will have stomach problems.
    you can soak these raw cashews and it even sprouts.
    But its a pain to remove the skin. Its like removing he skin from raw peas
    Actually 10 times tougher
    These raw cashews are out of shape. And soft. Just like raw peas
    And You can feel it when you eat it. Its just so unlike the Double Broiled
    cashews Passed of as raw.

  15. Carol Armstrong says:

    I just ate unripe fruit. Darn it.

  16. Harley Rider says:

    most of these interviewee’s look as thought they were just released from a
    bad prison. Totally look starved.

  17. lazyflame2 says:

    you cant oil a pan with raw olives..

  18. Manuelcr7 says:

    vegans are the weakest humans. I’m stronger, faster, and more intelligent
    with a balanced nutrition. I would survive under extreme circumstances. A
    vegan would die.

  19. Ken Anderson says:

    I don’t know… must of the men interviewed looked sickly too me. I would
    think twice about what they say is good for you.
    Also, this raw food talk is sounding a bit like a religion.
    Just eat a wide variety of foods that are as close to its natural state as
    possible. Eating 10 bananas a day to me sounds a bit extreme.

  20. fabulousandhealthy says:

    ? Garlic??::: Garlic saves my immune system! It is amazing. It has so many
    anti-viral properties. I always take it when I am going to get a cold. …
    I am even going to make a post on it! ha!

  21. Jimbob says:

    So this lady hates olive oil because it’s processed by man (they squeeze
    the olives WOW how processed) and in the next sentence she talks about
    blending tomatoes and herbs. Are these people for real? They love the smell
    of their own shit.

  22. poker slob says:

    So squeezing the oil out of an olive is bad because that makes it somewhat
    “manmade’, but just eating the olive is OK? 

  23. XxQueenOfHeartzxX says:

    In the States they GMO a LOT of fruits and veg, that’s why it seems like
    they never go bad. Impossible to know, unless you pay 3-times the price for
    organic, not everyone can afford that even. I’m happy to be back in my
    country, at least the raw food tastes better!! I eat raw garlic to fight
    parasites. It hasn’t hurt me yet

  24. Rose Stella says:

    Asians eat lots of unripe fruit – papaya, mangoes, bananas and such. 

  25. SacredChalice says:

    I LOVE Jon’s answer at the end for what to avoid!! I COMPLETELY AGREE!
    Down w/Monsanto! Down with all the Biotech giants trying to control our
    food supply! People need to learn about GMO’s and petition to have their
    grocery stores remove them, as well as petition Congress and the President
    to ban them nationally as other nations have!

  26. Alana Deboer says:

    so expensive

  27. 7777dmith7777 says:

    I started my raw food diet last month and have been doing great. The only
    issue I keep running into is the chicken. It keeps giving me bad diarrhea
    and vomiting any suggestions ?

  28. Anlaced says:

    Eating so much fruit…I wonder what her blood sugar is like.

  29. katsan88 says:

    Where is your protein? Can you eat beans?

  30. Ride2health says:

    How can you eat this much fruit and lose weight? I’m very heavy and i
    would like to try this but I’m scared to eat so much fruit. I don’t want
    to gain weight, I have already lost 37 pounds! 🙁 Someone help!

  31. Jimmy Lopez says:

    What can we do to get enough protein and b12 as well as other vitamins that
    may be difficult to get on a raw food diet? Do you recommend supplements or
    are there raw foods out there containing them?

  32. David8024667 says:

    I would like to go on an all raw diet. But, I don’t think I would want to
    stay on it 24/7 (365 days a year). So, is this something that I could do
    maybe 3-5 days out of the week and then the other days maybe I could eat
    meat dishes?!!? But, yet, STILL have a lot of health benefits?!!? And, one
    of the things that scares me the most is that if I was to go FULLY raw in
    my diet and then, later on, I was to go OFF of it a little (or, all the
    way), that my body would violently react to the fact that I was eating
    meats again. I have a friend who is usually always eating nothing but raw
    foods. And, when he came to visit me from out of state, he ended up eating
    a little meat while at my Mom and Dad’s house. He then got a severe stomach
    ache and got really sick from his’ eating meat. So, I guess that’s why I
    would want to never TOTALLY go meatless (at least for a long period of
    time). That’s why I want to eat meatless only 3-5 days out of the week, I
    guess (and NOT go all the way vegetarian). Was just wondering if I would
    still reap a lot of the benefits from eating raw if I didn’t do this 24/7.
    Any advice?!!? Thanks!!! (=

  33. wherescatarina says:

    Waaaay too much fruit.

  34. PowerNoob9000 says:

    Yea okay, I didn’t want proteins in my diet anyway…

  35. jbfiles190 says:

    I have to lose at least 40 lbs. I have elevated cholesterol and blood sugar
    so this lifestyle seems perfect for me I don’t have any ideas how to get
    started or where I could find a food op place so I can afford this
    lifestyle on a daily basis.

  36. dobcsek says:

    I’m glad she’s doing this channel because I’m getting a few ideas,
    especially when it comes to juices and smoothies. I’m eating about 70% raw,
    however I like to have some chicken, prawns or salmon in my salad about 2
    or 3 times a week. And to be honest (folks in Britain will understand
    this), sometimes at the end of the week all you want is go to the pub with
    your friends and have a few glasses of wine with a burger. I think it’s all
    about balance, I know I couldn’t do it 100% (that would be a social
    suicide), but it’s good to eat clean during a “normal” week. 

  37. Irissabella says:

    I need more friends like you in my life. 

  38. harryskittyz says:

    2:19 Kristina that looks AMAZING!! 

  39. C Baker says:

    You’re very pretty :)

  40. Francesca Ariana says:


  41. Hildelisa Estrada says:

    I would eat tofu for protein its really good though! but i really want to
    do do this diet :)

  42. Gravuun Lok says:

    I think I’m going to go partially raw/mostly raw. My family eats a lot of
    meat, so it will be nearly impossible to go fully raw while living here.
    I’m too young to move out, but when I do I might go fully raw.
    I don’t care for meat, especially when I think about it eating it. I
    remember that I’m eating an animal and it makes me lose my appetite.
    I’m probably going to switch out some of my meats (that I don’t really eat
    anymore anyway) with fish. I prefer fish over meat. Especially since
    thinking about it doesn’t make me too nauseous (unless I saw the fish alive
    before it was cooked…).
    I love fruits and vegetables so it shouldn’t be /too/ hard to make the
    switch ^^.

  43. smegel limes says:

    Not to judge but this diet isn’t the best for the body you need other
    things in the body other than fruits and vegetables also it’s a pretty
    expensive way to live considering that this diet only had naturally grown
    vegetables (which are pretty expensive unless they are like GMO which
    aren’t good for the body period) you can live the way though just saying.

  44. Taegen Ure says:

    Does this mean I can’t eat bacon cuz if so then I’m screwed. I will start
    thinking this is bullcrap if so. 

  45. Taegen Ure says:

    Great I can’t do this I’m allergic to a lot of fruits and vegetables 

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